① BJW main theme song

② Takayuki Ueki theme song "I am genius"

③ Takayuki Ueki theme song "I am genius TV size ver"

④ Yoshihisa Uto Theme song "Always rising after a fall"

⑤ Blue Corner (New theme song) "Seize the glory"

⑥ Red Corner (New theme song) "Future is to you"

⑦ The theme of draw "Tie game"

⑧ Theme song of break morning "zero"

⑨ Hideyoshi Kamitani theme song "Fast Substance"

⑩ Kazuki Hashimoto Theme song "Like a squirrel"

⑪ Ryuichi Kawakami theme song "Multiple Progressing"

⑫ Yuji Okabayashi Theme Song "Angry Golem"

⑬ Death Match Preparation Theme Song "Entrance hell"

⑭ B FAULTLESS JUNKY'S theme song "Over Heart"

⑮ Yuji Okabayashi Champions theme "Alien"

⑯ Ending "BJW Main Theme Piano ver"

Admission theme song CD "BJW MUSIC FILE 2" (0.15kg)

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