​What's BJW

 Death Match BJW

Big Japan ProWrestling is Japan's largest deathmatch professional wrestling organization!


BJW's biggest attraction above anything else is the extreme Death Match style.

We use deathmatch stipulations such as fluorescent lightbulbs, barbed wire, glass panes, razor blade boards, ladders, tables and many more. There are lots of deathmatch stipulations that are unique to Japan.


Although death matches are the most popular part of BJW we also have the BJW "Strong" division which is home to some of the wrestling world's most powerful athletes.

Of course you can expect the classic pro wrestling collision but there is also a nice touch of comedy and junior heavyweight action. There is a variety of styles to keep every one entertained.


Big Japan pro-wrestling can be enjoyed by all ages. ︎

 We invite you to please come and experience the action for yourself!

BJW's Deathmatch stars are the Death Match Dragon, Ryuji Ito and Abdullah Kobayashi. They have been doing death matches for more than 20 years.


BJW is home to Deathmatch tag teams such as The Blood Brothers, Masaya Takahashi and Takayuki Ueki, the Deathmatch Junkies and Yankee Two Kenju, Isami Kodaka and Yuko Miyamoto.


As the current generation of deathmatch wrestlers has grown older the popularity has increased and there awaits a new breed of talent to carry on the tradition.

 strong BJW

We wouldn't be able to talk about BJW without mentioning the “Muscle Monster” Daisuke Sekimoto and Yuji Okabayashi.


Daisuke Sekimoto has been a Strong Style Divison champion many times before being defeated by Yuji Okabayashi in 2016.


In addition to these two champions there are many young competitors aiming for the top. Wrestlers such as Hideki Suzuki, Kohei Sato, Sumo wrestler Ryota Hama, Shuji Ishikawa and other are all challenging for the championship.


Sekimoto and Okabayashi are always looking for new competition and are not ready to lose their spot.


Daichi Hashimoto, Hideyoshi Kamitani and other young players are also in the hunt. Winning the BJW Strong Championship is what these athletes train for every day.


There is nothing like seeing the amazing and different styles of Big Japan Pro Wrestling live in Japan.